Tiny Monsters light Monster [Monsters]

Tiny Monsters light Monster

Go behind Leonyx and enter the door and you’ll be arrive at

Dark World

Argon Lizard
Behemoth Slime
Dark slime Knight
Great argon lizard
Great dragon
jumping jackal
Killing Machine
Living Statue
Metal Dragon
metal kaiser slime
Notso Macho
Red Dragon
Teeny Sanguini
Wax murderer

Forbidden mark means that you will go back to the very same area if you go through them.

Talk to all people nearby, smash the crystal in the middle of the area. You need to destroy 3 more crystals that look like this one. The crystal’s location shown in my map above, but I am not sure whether it’s random or not. Go to the next room and you’ll arrive at central point of the dark world.

From here you’re free to go wherever you want (up, right, or left). If the crystal’s locations are fixed then I suggest you to go right first then continue to destroy 2 other crystals that located on the north side. You’ll meet a lot of enemy varieties in dark world, so it’s a good idea to start capturing any rare monsters that you see through your progress.

Tips: You can meet metal Kaiser Slime. Try to attack them from behind to get pre-emptive strike. The party probably consist a normal slime and 1 metal Kaiser Slime. Make sure you have metal killers in your party (I have Demon at arms as MKS killers; it equips Gae bolg which has nice attack status and increases your critical chance).

MKS monsters suggestions:

  • Have multiple hits in one attacks (demon at arms’ attack is 3 hits; plus with tactical trait it’ll result in 6 hits per turn), another good example for this monsters are swarmtroop, conclave, etc.
  • Can equip metal killers weapon (ex: obsidian sword) or increase critical rate weapon (ex: Gae bolg)
  • Have any skills that can deal with metal monsters (ex: metal slash).

PS: If you see the left side of my map there is a Special (??) section. I was transported to mysterious area that have a treasure chest contains Gae Bolg. Once again, I am not sure whether it’s random or not (because I can’t go back to that spot using the same door; or maybe it’s just because I have obtained the treasure chest over there so I don’t have any need to go there again).

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