Tiny Monsters River Monster [Monsters]

Tiny Monsters River Monster

GiantWolffishThis isn't the poster of the latest SyFy original movie. This is a wolffish, was caught by Hirasaka Hiroshi off the coast of Japan, near the Fukushima nuclear plant. While these fish are known to grow up to 1.2 meters, about 3.9 feet, these particularly creature was 2 meters long, or 6.7 feet. Hiroshi is obviously straining to hold up his catch!

While there are anomalies in all species, the concern is that the abnormal size of this fish has been caused by the Fukushima plant. The nuclear planet melted down in 2011 after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Since the meltdown, fish caught in the waters around the plant have been reported to contain 2, 500 times the legal radiation limit.

Update: Some sources are saying that this fish's size was not caused by radiation, but instead was just a lucky catch. Since there are less fishermen in the area, this may cause fish to grow larger than normal.

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