Far Realms Monsters [Monsters]

Far Realms Monsters

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 11.05.38 PMRock Monster, Normal State

Get too close and this is what it turns into as it chases you down for a short bit.

Physical Description

A large "rock" with eyes and various crystal lures on its head. Turns igneous in appearance when aggrivated, with an orange crystal lure. When Tyrah created them she remarked "Gaw! this is not what I wanted at all!

A mostly benign monster, Rock Monsters will merely follow you when you approach them. Just run away, and if you run far enough (a short distance) they will give up and go back. If a Rock Monster touches you, you will be killed and sent back to a Resurrection Circle.

Tips for Dealing with Rock Monsters

  • You can enable "Always Run" in your viewer to move at the same speed as a Rock Monster, allowing you to get away without being run down.
  • Jumping on top of any object that you couldn't just walk up (large rocks, trees, sign posts, lamps) will keep you out of reach of Rock Monsters. This is good for when you need to stand still for a while (to access your inventory, chat, etc.).
  • Standing inside of a resurrection circle also prevents rock monster attacks, even if they are within sight.2012-01-22 001 rock monster Just step a little away from the center of the circle, since that is where all the people appear. That way you prevent too much confusion or pushing. The area right around a resurrection point is usually safe too, but be cautious not to be pushed by someone into the reach of the nearest rock monster.
  • The rock monsters generally have a certain radius of movement, and after completing several quests you will more or less understand how far they reach. However there may always be a rock monster nearby you did not see (behind a tree, behind a rock, outside the viewer camera angle), and so your calculations may backfire.
  • Keep listening to the noise, after a while you will distinguish how far they are by the noise you can hear.
  • If you need to rest in between it helps to change the environmental settings to "sunlight" and "clear sky", that way you can see the whole area, and decide where a safe place may be.
  • The area just near flare cannons (as in standing next to the cannon, so you can practically touch it) is usually safe from rock monsters too.

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