Tiny Monsters time glitch [Monsters]

Tiny Monsters time glitch

Glitch description1

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Mythic Cave Description

- This glitch was fixed in version 1.2.


When you move a monster to a new habitat, it will sometimes sit outside the habitat for a short period of time. To fix this, simply close and reopen your app. The monster should be in the correct habitat once you re-enter the app. Sometimes the monster flies around...Glitch description2 So it's not always homesick issues, sometimes they just explore the sky (for flying monsters only).

Upgrading Habitats

There is a glitch that prevents you from collecting money from an upgrading habitat. The collect money sign will appear but is unclickable. To fix it, restart the app. The upgrading sign will be there instead. Click it and you will be able to continue collecting money. Also, your habitat will be instantly upgraded! - This glitch was fixed in version 1.5.

Monster Display Issues

The Sun Monster's picture is now completely viewable.
The Mythic Flitter Monster's Baby and Adult Profiles are now back to normal.

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Why is the hippo called a river monster?

Hippos are called river monster for these reasons
-They are the second most dangerous animal in Africa. The only one to top that is the mosquito, who carries killer diseases.
-They growl
-Will tip boats
-Will charge people
-Will charge cars
-Kills anything that is stupid enough to get between baby hippo and mommy
-Did I say big?

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