Gods and Monsters by Jessica Lange [Monsters]

Gods and Monsters by Jessica Lange

LangOver the past few weeks Jessica Lange has been serving up anachronistic covers of contemporary songs as American Horror Story’s Elsa Mars. The one thing that the Freakshow ringleader desires more than anything else in the world is the adulation of a captive audience, and according the iTunes billboard chart, she may be getting her wish.

Last Friday Lange’s cover of Lana Del Rey’s "Gods and Monsters" topped the iTunes soundtrack charts, ousting Disney’s Frozen and breathing new life into Del Rey’s original rendition of the song. Though this season of AHS takes place in 1950’s Florida, the songs that 20th Century Fox has released as digital singles have all been hits from other eras including David Bowie’s "Life on Mars" and Fiona Apple’s "Criminal."

"I love what [Baz Luhrmann] does with his movies like Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge where you don't play period stuff, you do stuff from all eras that fit the story, " Murphy told Entertainment Weekly of the show’s eclectic song choices. "So we decided we only were going to highlight musical artists who at some point in their career had identified themselves as feeling like freaks or misfits or outcasts, which our people are going through."

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Gods and Monsters
Gods and Monsters
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