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Phantom Menace Monsters

And that was just above ground. There was also the underwater world of Gungan City. The best part of that whole sequence underwater is when our heroes (and a bumbling gungan) swim over a a huge ravine to reveal the city for the first time. The music was haunting and the scenery was just out of this world (or under it, I guess). It was simply jaw dropping.

Coruscant was the other new planet, which was absolutely breathtaking, especially in the scene when the camera pans overhead as we peer down into the depths of the city planet. I about fell out of my seat from dizziness in the theater. Seeing what I believe Luke was referring to in A New Hope as the “bright center of the universe” was truly a sight to behold. Words cannot describe my reaction to the entire planet being “one big city, ” as good ol’ Ric Olie would say.

ewanThen, there’s Tatooine. How great was it to see this desert landscape on the big screen again? It was like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time…a long time. When we saw Mos Espa, it seemed very much like Mos Eisley from A New Hope, which was a great thing. It felt like home. However, when we saw the Pod Race for the first time it was so new and different. We had no idea this kind of event took place on Tatooine before this movie! The Phantom Menace helped us understand that Tatooine was a much bigger planet than what was previously depicted.

9. Watto

“Republic credits? Republic credits are no good out here. I need something more real! I’m a Toydarian! Mind tricks don’t work on me! Only money.” This is the side kick who should have been the one tagging along with our heroes, not Jar Jar. I’m not a Jar Jar hater, but I do think Watto would’ve been a way better fit for comic-relief during the film. Everything from his raspy voice to his run-down scruffy-looking appearance was brilliant. Watto is still lovable even to this day and I wish we got more of him. He was absolutely fantastic.

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