Can monsters get you High? [Monsters]

Can monsters get you High?

High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Four-Year DegreeBy Charyn Pfeuffer,

Do you like the sound of making $65, 000 a year without a four-year degree? Well, with a few years of training, and in most cases, an associate’s degree, it’s possible to pull down this kind of salary within five years.

We’ve all been programmed to believe that getting into a good college and getting the “right” degree is the key to professional success. While this may be true for many careers, it’s not essential for all well-paying positions.

The salary experts at found five, easy-to-start jobs where annual paychecks exceed $65, 000 for top performers (in this case, the top 10 percent, or 90th percentile) with no more than four years of experience.

Vascular Technologist 90th Percentile Earnings: $69, 200
If you’re interested in a hands-on healthcare job, consider a career as a vascular technologist. These professionals monitor patients’ heart rates, conduct noninvasive tests and assist physicians in diagnosing conditions that affect circulation.

Educational Requirements: Most vascular technologists complete an associate’s degree for entry-level employment.

Ultrasound Technologist
90th Percentile Earnings: $68, 200

When you think of an ultrasound, you may think of fuzzy black-and-white images of an expectant mother’s belly. Using sound and vibrations, technologists in this medical-imaging specialty capture images of the breast, brain and abdomen (among other body parts) that are used to make medical diagnoses.

Educational Requirements: Two-year degrees are the most common. For applicants who already work in healthcare, some employers may accept a vocational certificate obtained through a one-year program.

90th Percentile Earnings: $67, 300
When it comes to clearing land, digging trenches and moving heavy construction equipment, it takes a skilled operator to drive and control the necessary machinery. Heavy equipment operators not only drive bulldozers, paving equipment and pile drivers, but they also set up and inspect equipment, and in some cases, may make minor repairs.

Educational Requirements: Sometimes, a high-school diploma is all that’s necessary to get started in this field. Construction equipment operators are trained either on the job, through a formal apprenticeship program, a paid training program or by a combination of these approaches.

Dental Hygienist
90th Percentile Earnings: $66, 300

A dental hygienist works in a dental office to remove tartar from patients’ teeth, take X-rays and generally provide preventive oral care.

Educational Requirements: Dental hygienists must complete a certificate program or associate’s degree from an accredited dental hygiene program. Hygienists must also pass national and state licensing exams.

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How can you get a free monster high?

Steal one from a friend that has some dolls

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