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Godzilla two other Monsters

Godzilla logo Godzilla 2 monsters revealedA couple years back, Legendary Pictures surprised San Diego Comic Con International with an FX test for Godzilla created by director Gareth Edwards. The footage was the talk of Comic Con that year, and in 2014 Legendary has once again surprised Hall H with a reveal of the potential Godzilla 2 monsters.

Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull first presented a video from Gareth Edwards which was recorded in San Francisco where he is working hard on Star Wars. Edwards thanked fans for supporting Godzilla and joked that while he is just doing a small little sci-fi movie next, he will return to Godzilla 2 afterwards. He also jokingly revealed a list of monsters who will be in the sequel, but the names were bleeped out.

MothraTull, in attendance, then presented some classified footage from Monarch “to show what we are thinking about for the sequel.”

The black and white video was filled with footage of destruction from around the world with a voice over from John F Kennedy. Text on the screen reads: “There is still one secret that remains hidden… There are others.”

The video then revealed three Godzilla universe monsters: the giant pteranodon kaiju Rodan, the giant divine moth kaiju Mothra and the three-headed dragon kaiju Ghidorah.


Mothra first appeared alongside Godzilla in the 1964 Godzilla film, Mothra vs. Godzilla. Here is some information on Mothra from the Godzilla database:

Since her first film, Mothra has been depicted in various stages of the lepidopteran life cycle: Mothra’s mammoth egg is decoratively colored in blue and yellow waves. The egg hatches into her larva, a massive brown, segmented caterpillar (resembling a silkworm) with glowing blue, sometimes red, eyes. In rare circumstances, twins may emerge from the egg. The caterpillar eventually spins a silken cocoon around itself (the pupa stage), and from this cocoon the imago (adult) Mothra emerges, a gigantic moth-like creature with brightly-colored wings. Mothra’s life cycle—particularly the tendency of an imago’s death to coincide with its larvae hatching—echoes that of the Phoenix, resembling resurrection and suggesting divinity. She is among Toho’s most popular characters, primarily among female fans, and she has appeared in every Godzilla film era.

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