Tiny Monsters luck Monster [Monsters]

Tiny Monsters luck Monster

Monster 101

The monsters are the stars of the show in Monster Strike. They vary in size, power, and fighting abilities, and range from tiny, adorable sprites to menacing, bloodthirsty dragons. Knowing what separates one from the next will be critical to becoming a successful Striker!

Getting Started

When the game begins, you'll be given the choice of one of three Smydras as your starting monster. Each has its own unique stats, but if you just can't decide, don't worry - all three are available as drops later in the game, so you can eventually get your hands on the full trio if you so desire...

Obtaining Monsters

There are two main methods of getting new monsters to join your ranks:

1. The Drop
Some monsters drop as eggs during battle or appear in treasure chests and bonus rewards upon clearing a Quest. Generally speaking, the higher the Stamina cost, the more likely the Quest is home to rare or valuable monsters.

2. The Hatch
If you've got the Orbs or Friend Points to spare, you can visit the Hatcher screen to try your luck at whatever Monster Hatchers are currently available.

Styles: Bounce vs. Pierce

When slinging your monsters around the playfield, they interact with enemies in one of two ways: either by rebounding off of them (known as Bounce types), or by passing right through them (known as Pierce types). Both Styles have their own distinct advantages during play. For example, Bounce types can take advantage of enemy positioning to wedge themselves between two foes or between a foe and a wall for repeated hits. Pierce types can aim straight for a Boss's eak point or an ally with a particularly devastating Bump Combo, regardless of what obstacles lie in the way. They're great for nabbing hard-to-reach items, too.

You can also tell which Style a monster is by checking out the arrow display when you pull them back to sling them during a Quest. A standard arrow means the monster is a Bounce type; a ridged arrow means the monster is a Pierce type.

Mix and match your Styles based on your team make-up to get the best results during Quests!

Gauge Shots

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