Realm Reborn notorious Monsters [Monsters]

Realm Reborn notorious Monsters

After the original Final Fantasy 14 flopped, Square Enix managed to get their act together and thus Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was born anew. Fast forward to 2015 and SE has managed to scoop up millions of subscribers with a ever growing world of content to drown yourself in, their latest MMORPG has stuck gold with the larger MMO community and it currently shows no sign of slowing down.

There's a bundle of things to do in FFXIV: ARR and while Square has managed to create a highly desirable and enjoyable MMORPG experience, we feel there's still features missing that could ultimately make XIV one of the best MMO of this gen. So we've sat down and given our thoughts and on what could make the game better or what's missing overall.

1. Path Companions

Path companions were available in the original version of Final Fantasy XIV. Like the chocobo companions we have today they aided you on your quest in battle. Players were faced with a number of important decisions when selecting the path companion just right for them. After choosing a class and nickname, players also were given the choice to select their race and gender.

You could say these companions are similar to the retainers we have today, only the retainers ain't given the opportunity to travel around Eorzea with us. We'd like the path companions to make a return alongside our chocobo pals, even if it's for mainly cosmetic purposes. While we do love our chocobos, it would be great to have a hyur companion fighting beside us on other ocassions.. Or better yet why not both?

2. Map Waypoints

In Final Fantasy XI you were able to set waypoints on the map but for some odd reason this feature ceased to return in Final Fantasy XIV and it's left us including many players scratching our heads as to why they wouldn't bring such an important feature back. An option to set waypoints on the main map to show on the minimap would make venturing around Eorzea more of a ease.

3. Improved Mounts

Travelling on mounts is somewhat faster than travelling on foot in FFXIV and once you obtain your own company chocobo mount at level 20 you'll be relieved to know getting to places and avoiding monsters will be a breeze in comparison to temporarily sprinting, but the mounts still are missing a few vital things which would make it complete.

For one we feel the mounts need a sprint mechanic because while our feathery friends and fiends are fast, when running across the map to find a fate or travelling to pick up a quest, we'd like them to pick up even more speed and not arrive to a fate when it's at 90%. Like the chocobo racing mechanic we'd like either like a sprint button or better yet just make them faster.

We would also like the ability to talk to NPCs on our mounts rather than having to dismount every time we converse with someone. It would certainly make the world of difference in our eyes.

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