Real Monsters not fake [Monsters]

Real Monsters not fake

Is the TV show Mountain Monsters fake??

Well I finally watched a whole episode of on the Destination America channel and here is my take on it and review.

The episode I watched was Sheepsquatch Attack!
The show begins with a cameo of bearded men holding guns and then the narrater begins to say, "for generations the Appalachian mountains have had more sightings of mysterious creatures, than anywhere else in the United States. Now a band of hardcore hunters and trappers, are out to identify these unexplained creatures."

The show then starts off with some joking around amongst the team and talk of the legend of the sheepsquatch. They then head into the woods to meet up with an eyewitness who goes on to explain his sheepsquatch encounter that occurred while he was out deer hunting. While the main characters of the show sometimes come off as acting, it was hard to tell at this point if the eyewitness was being truthful or if he was setup by the show. The team investigates the sighting and finds scrapes on a tree and the drama and scary music ensues. You can tell from all the cut down trees that this areas isn't all that secluded to begin with.

At nightfall the team sets out in search of the beast, and within minutes they catch the elusive sheepsquatch on their thermal cameras and begin chase! They end up running into some dense woods and locate the spot where the sheepsquatch was at and notice something wet up in a tree. One of the team members they call "Trapper" looks up and fresh sheepsquatch urine drips down into his eyes! Ok, at this point of the show I get the feeling that the whole thing is scripted and fake. Perhaps some of the history of the creature and legends are historically accurate so you may learn something but the show is definitely fake. The team then stops to help Trapper as he tries to wash the burning sheepsquatch piss from his eyes.

Next, they try another tactic to try and capture the creature by building a trap. The show is in full absurdity mode at this point. While the show is mildly entertaining it seems to be just that, entertainment. So now that the trap is built and Trapper has a day to recover from the pee in his eyes, they head out to set the trap. But first they meet up with a hunter who shows them trail-cam pictures of a sheepsquatch and even has a bucket of sheepsquatch scat. After that they meet up with another eyewitness who shows them video of a sheepsquatch. I find it odd that we struggle to get any sort of decent pictures or videos of a Bigfoot but these guys have all sorts of pics and videos of a sheepsquatch. The video they show looks very fake, not in the sense of someone in a costume but more like computer animation.

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is the lochness monster real or a fake? | Yahoo Answers

well how are we ever sure, anything is possible, its like aliens, theres no proof it exist, theres no proof it doesnt. its like WMD's its like finding something thats no there. i say every weird creature exists

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