Monsters are real..they live inside us [Monsters]

Monsters are real..they live inside us

Could huge, alien 'air monsters' live inside the clouds above the Earth?Ever seen a really weird-shaped cloud? Like, one that looks like the devil or some kind of space monster?

What if it WAS a monster?

UFO sites such as UFO International Project suggest that some UFO sightings – and just really weird clouds – might in fact be soaring, vast alien monsters which fly around hundreds of miles above the Earth.

Maniacs on YouTube are WAY ahead of them, of course – with videos such as this unsettling glimpse into a world of pure madness (below).

Hey, there’s a video of that, too (below).

The site says, ‘So-called atmospheric monsters have been with humanity for a very long time, in fact centuries! Descriptions range from vaporous, cloud-like beings to “air whales” and “air krakens” to translucent, floating jellyfish that dip in and out of clouds with no visible means of aerodynamic propulsion.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, says, ‘The idea that ET type sky creatures exist in our skies was put forward by Charles Fort who was a great collector of mysteries in the early part of the 20th Century. In his book Lo! He notes:

200“Unknown, luminous things, or beings, have often been seen, sometimes close to this earth, and sometimes high in the sky. It may be that some of them were living things that occasionally come from somewhere else.”

‘Arthur Conan Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes even penned a story in 1913 called The Horror of the Heights that imagines semi-solid sky creatures gobbling up aviators. When the hero of the story goes up to get evidence of their existence he never comes back, all that remains is a blood stained notebook that ends with the words:

“Forty-three thousand feet. I shall never see earth again. They are beneath me, three of them. God help me; it is a dreadful death to die!”

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