Can Monsters be Real? [Monsters]

Can Monsters be Real?

An M15 BombA hidden threat lurks in the waters off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. It’s a 12-foot beast, and it makes man-eating sharks and poisonous jellyfish look like sandbox toys. As thousands of vacationers make their way to the sandy shores of Tybee Island this summer, they should be on the lookout for a monster that shouldn’t be all that tough to spot: a 7, 600-pound bomb, packed with an undisclosed amount of uranium and 400 pounds of explosives. To state the obvious? If you see something, say something.

The Mark 15 bomb, one of hundreds of suspected “broken arrows, ” or nuclear bombs lost during air or sea mishaps, had to be jettisoned into the water in the winter of 1958 during a secret mission that simulated dropping a weapon of mass destruction on a Soviet city. The B-47 carrying the bomb collided with an F-86 fighter plane sometime after midnight, causing the B-47 to crash land at an air force base outside Savannah — but not before its pilot, Air Force Col. Howard Richardson, dropped the bomb in the water a few miles from the island. The crew survived, and Richardson was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts.

It’s sworn congressional testimony; it’s two separate groups [civilian and military] that would go to jail if they were lying.

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