New online Monster Truck games [Monsters]

New online Monster Truck games

Monster Truck Games

Rev up your engine and smash other vehicles in one of our many free, online monster truck games! Our monster truck games are all about massive destruction. Your will harness the power of a giant engine while cruising in your jacked-up 4x4. Just like in real world competitions, you can give your vehicle a unique identity. Customize the paint job, engine, and tires to make the coolest ride possible. Then, it's time to drive. Depending on the challenge, you might have to smash other vehicles, soar through the air, or finish a race in first place!

Who has the biggest ride? You do! Enjoy intense action while competing against virtual opponents and other drivers around the world. You'll be at the edge of your seat while playing our monster truck games. Crush, flatten, and smash everything in sight to boost your score and win the gold trophy. If you need extra speed, hit the NOS turbo button to blaze past your opponents! Try to win on dirt courses, offroad tracks, and city streets in your own four-wheeler!

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