New Moshi Monsters account [Monsters]

New Moshi Monsters account

Welcome To Moshi Monsters

The world of Moshi Monsters has been created by Mind Candy, a company that loves developing games and new forms of interactive entertainment. You can learn more about Mind Candy by visiting our website.

Our intention when creating Moshi Monsters was to a produce a ground breaking new entertainment experience that would be fun, safe and educational for kids of all ages.

Visitors to the site can adopt their very own pet Monster, give it a name and design its color scheme. Each Monster has a lively personality that develops the more it is played with. Monster owners can nuture their pet by solving daily puzzle games to earn Rox, the in-game currency. Rox can be used to buy weird and wonderful things in the virtual shop to keep Monsters healthy and happy. Monster owners can make new friends and connect with existing friends through a wide variety of safe social networking features such as Monster blogs, Newsfeeds, pinboards and buddy lists. We're hard at work dreaming up all sorts of new features to expand the game play and world of Moshi Monsters. Stay tuned!

More Resources

  • If you're a parent and have questions about the educational and safety issues related to the game, please visit

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What is a free Moshi Monsters account?

There is a Basic Membership for Moshi Monsters which is free, but you will not be able to do all the activities or catch all the Moshlings. You can only keep 2 moshlings in your house.

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