New Monsters on Runescape [Monsters]

New Monsters on Runescape

Elite monster spawnedAn elite monster spawned

Elite monsters are more powerful versions of normal monsters that have a chance to spawn upon the death of one of its lower-levelled variants.

Elite monster kills reward players with 220% extra Slayer experience, if on task, compared to what would be earned from the normal monster. They also give three rolls on the monsters drop table. If on a Slayer assignment, one elite monster is guaranteed to spawn unless the task was obtained before 27 July 2015, otherwise the spawn rate is around 1/1000. Once an elite monster has spawned it is only attackable by the spawning player for three minutes (unless they move a significant distance away), after which anyone may attack it.

There are elite versions of the following monsters:

In addition to the above, some monsters have an elite variant, but these variants do not follow the same mechanics. These elite spawns were released before the larger batch.

The elite versions have varying names, with a randomly generated prefix and suffix.

Prefix Suffix
Cruel of Death
Dangerous of Doom
Infamous of Fear
Monstrous of Pain
Notorious of Peril
Powerful of Suffering

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Runescape new slayer monster aquanite!!
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