New Monsters MH4U [Monsters]

New Monsters MH4U

Mine is the Seregios. I was overestimating it at first, being like... "Nah, this brah is strong, brah." Then I fought it. It was sooo easy, especially with the IG. I was like... "Boy, howdy! This guy sure is easy!"

And... The Seregios Impaler. Cut the tail, never get it.

Yeah, Seregios turns into Narga once you memorize his tells. Like someone else said though, he can give you a hard time if your rhythm is off.

I'm honestly a little iffy on the 4th gen changes they made to older monsters, like Zinogre's new delay, Brachy's new lurching pound, Rathalos' lock-on dive, etc.

I would say my favorite mobster to fight at the moment is Chaotic Gore. His moveset is more difficult without Shaggy's annoying meteor explosions, and always a dynamic and exciting fight.


Gore Magala when he's truly enraged, cause he looks so freaking awesome

Nuff said

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None of them. If any were my favorite I would refuse to hunt and kill them. It pleases me greatly to get that last hit on an annoying monster as it draws its last breath.

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Man I just too down caravan 10star stygian zinogre and Seregios, had an epic battle dancing between the both of them then sliced the Seregios tail off only to have the zinogre tail thwaps on in range my full overcharge chargeblade attack, sliced 2 tails off in one combo. I really really Really wish I still had my capture 3ds for that.

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What is the new moshling on moshi monsters?

The list of new moshlings on Moshi Monsters is always changing which makes it difficult to keep the answer to this question up to date.
New Super Moshi Missions come out about once a month and a new moshling is released with each new mission. Woolly the Titchy-Tusked Mammoth is the moshling for Season 2 Mission 3, Bungle in the Jungle.
The best way to find out when new moshlings are released is to read the Daily Growl at Moshi Monsters.

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