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New Monster in My Pocket

MIMPTheQuestThe Quest

Monster in My Pocket: The Quest was a proposed computer-generated animated series created in 2005. The series planned to use several characters from the established Monster in My Pocket universe, but also introduced new monsters to the range. Although several episodes were planned, the series was inevitably canceled, leaving very little information about The Quest. Some materials dispaly the alternative title Monster Quest. The series was to have been produced by Peak Entertainment, and would have run to 26 episodes.

After a battle between the powerful sorcerer Warlock and his evil twin brother Morlock left the Tapestry of Terror shattered, the two split up in an attempt to recruit as many monsters to their side. Warlock was able to seal Morlock into the remains of the Tapestry, containing them in pockets of a cloak. Later, Warlock recruited a young boy named Jason to help him catalog the monsters. However, Morlock soon escaped with several other evil monsters, leaving Warlock, Jason, and Jason's best friend Diana, to find the monsters and return them to the cloak's pockets.

Toy range

A tie-in toy range was to have been released alongside the cartoon series. Prototype versions of many of these toys were displayed at toy fairs during the promotional period. They included rereleases of the original range of soft miniatures (from Series 1 and Series 2), alongside a new range of 6" poseable PVC action figures, representing the main characters of the series. Indications are that there would have been 150 variant miniature figures.

List of episodes

  1. The Quest for the Werewolf
  2. The Quest for the Eye
  3. Quest for the Behemoth's Pearl
  4. The Quest for the Ghost
  5. Baba Yaga's Revenge

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