Buy Monsters University Scare Cards [Monsters]

Buy Monsters University Scare Cards

Projectionist Scare Cards This set of Scare Cards was only released to projectionists at movie theaters as a promotion for the film and was offered as a set of 10 cards (9 Scare Cards and 1 Top Card). (The promotional cards also came with a Monsters U hat as well that said "Perfect Projection" on the back.) The card images below are the same images that appear in the movie end credits - the difference is that the banner in the upper right-hand corner of the cards of these cards doesn't say what scare company they work for, but instead it lists the June 21 release date for Monsters U.

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Potential Future Release Scare Cards

There are a three additional Scare Cards that you can find digital images of (not printed cards) if you have the Monsters, Inc. Storybook Deluxe and (yes, and) the iOS apps.

#09 Tommy Gill

#14 Willy "Nightmare" Nowicki

#41 Carol Dallmar

With these extra card designs already laid out, we have to imagine that there are even more that are already prepared for printing. So, I think it's only natural to want to see more of these cards produced.

Will The Scare Cards Be Released Broadly?

As fans of the Scare Cards have turned to eBay to try and complete their sets, Twitter user laughograms asked Monsters University director Dan Scanlon (on June 23, 2013) if the Scare Cards would be released in stores. Dan responded with..."be patient".
Now, its obviously been a while since the movie hit theaters, but with the Monsters U Blu Ray being released (in North America), we couldn't help but wonder if they would be released soon - or before the holidays? We'll be sure to keep everyone up to date if we hear any updates.

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