Red Monsters Inc. characters [Monsters]

Red Monsters Inc. characters

Monsters, Inc. (video game) Developed by Vicarious Visions (GBC)
Natsume (GBA)
Kodiak Interactive (PS2)
is a platforming video game made by Kodiak Interactive for the PlayStation 2. This game is more like the movie (location wise) than . There are 8 levels in the game and 5 additional mini games that can be unlocked by scaring all 5 monster mice, 5 canisters and 100 red tokens all of which are scattered throughout the levels. Each level has you either do jobs in order to proceed or collect items for other monsters (such as materials for Boo's costume).


1. The Scarefloor (get Thaddeus' manual and keycard.)

2. The Mailroom (Ride the mail train and get to Boo while avoiding the CDA.)

5. Garbage Disposal (Chase Boo through the garbage disposal and don't get tricked by the monsters that look like her!)

7. Doorvault (Explore the giant library of all the closet doors and don't fall!)

Mini games

1. Tot Bot Scare Fair: Scare as many simulation bots as you can before they wake up!

2. Canister Catastrophe: Collect the canisters as they are going through the conveyor belt before you lose!

3. Closet Chaos: Keep the balls from landing in the center and spin them away with your tail. Every time a ball pops, one health point (tooth) is reduced.

4. Furry Scurry: Play Pac-Man, with a Monsters, Inc. twist! Collect the red scare tokens while the CDA try to catch you! Grab the canisters to get rid of the CDA agents for a short period of time.

5. Yeti Says: Play a "Simon Says" type of game with the Yeti. Repeat the rythmn he does correctly or lose a point!


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