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Monsters Inc. Roz Toy

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 8.36.46 PMThe Monsters, Inc. Factory

"We scare because we care." —The company's motto Monsters, Inc. is the energy-producing factory in the film of the same name. The company is the only place which supplies all the energy for Monstropolis. Its logo is the "M Eyeball."

The commercial for the company is seen at the beginning of the film after Sulley is woken up and told to do some chores and warm-up exercises by his partner Mike Wazowski.

The Company

Waternoose: "James, this company has been in my family for three generations. I would do anything to keep it from going under."
Sulley: "So would I, sir."
—Waternoose and Sulley

Monsters, Inc.'s main duty is to provide all citizens in Monstropolis with energy in the form of captured screams collected from children. They accomplish this by crossing into the Human World through the closets of children's bedrooms and scaring them to the best of their ability. The screams are then collected in special canisters for use as energy.

The factory is an immense facility equipped to fulfill the needs of its employees. Scaring takes places in rooms called "Scare Floors, " where the monsters cross over into the human world using the doors of the children's closets. The doors are stored in an immense "Door Vault" and are brought to and from the Scare Floor by an automated system. Each Scarer has an assistant to help coordinate the energy collection. Any door belonging to a child who has no fear of monsters is promptly destroyed in the Door Shredder, as their screams cannot be collected.

During the events of, it is clear that the company had fallen on hard times, and screams are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in large amounts because kids have begun to like monsters. Facing a worsening energy crisis, the company sought out new, borderline-criminal means by which to obtain screams in large quantities. This is eventually resolved by James P. Sullivan, who has discovered that laughter produces more power than scream has done and reestablishes the company to have the monsters make children laugh, though it is shown in that screams are still additionally used.

In, the factory only appears three times in the entire film, as neither Mike nor Sulley have any knowledge about the factory and working there yet: The first appearance of the factory was during Ms. Graves' kindergarten class field trip where a young Mike sneaks off into a child's bedroom used by Frank McCay without permission resulting in him being persuaded by McCay to attend MU; the second time during team Oozma Kappa's "field trip" as a result of them being fed up with Roar Omega Roar's prank at their house party only to be chased out by security guards, and the third and last time being when Mike and Sulley are both expelled from the university resulting in them starting a new life by working at the factory as mail sorters before finally becoming Scarers.

Areas in the Factory

Lobby: This is the lobby located in front of the factory, which depicts various clocks depicting various time zones around the world placed over a mural depicting a world map. On one wall is a "Scarer of the Month" gallery, which for some reason always only showed Sulley (and occasionally Mike). Celia, the factory's receptionist and Mike's girlfriend, works in this area.

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Who voiced the character of Roz in Monsters Inc?

Bob Peterson was the character Roz in Monsters Inc.
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