Monsters Inc. Inside out [Monsters]

Monsters Inc. Inside out

Inside Out characters Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar ReferencesFrom humble beginnings, Pixar Animation is responsible for reinvigorating animated feature films, with its theatrical releases anticipated by child, parent, and every other fan of strong storytelling and humor. But as much as the fans may love Pixar’s history and characters, it’s clear that the men and women crafting their growing universe have just as much affection – delivered, as always, in the form of easter eggs.

With diving into the imagination of a single child, the studio didn’t miss the chance to pack in multiple references to Pixar heroes and Disney as a whole, and we’ve assembled all the easter eggs, trivia, and references we could spot. Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS in our list, so read at your own risk.

Carl & Ellie

Inside Out Easter Eggs Carl Ellie Up Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar ReferencesAudiences get just a small sample of the memories contained inside Riley’s long term memory, and eagle-eyed fans caught a few familiar scenes almost immediately. One memory orb looks to contain Carl and Ellie’s wedding in, the previous Pixar film from director Pete Docter. More viewings and a home video release will reveal even more, but this nod to Up‘s heartwarming prologue is impossible to forget.

Sunnyside Daycare

Fans have only dark memories of Sunnyside Daycare, one of the major locations of Toy Story 3, but it was a different story for the actual children who attended. When Joy (Amy Poehler) points out a particular memory in which Riley is happily playing a play structure, it looks to be a dead ringer for Sunnyside’s structure – albeit with a different slide. Even if not a direct link between the two films, it’s a knowing nod.

Inside Out Easter Eggs Toy Story Sunnyside Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar ReferencesFor The Birds

When Riley’s family is shown arriving in San Francisco, a long line of birds can be seen perched on a cable stretching across the street. Die-hard Pixar fans will recognize the birds from the animated short For The Birds, which took home the Academy Award for animated short, released in theaters ahead of Monsters, Inc..


What makes Riley’s arrival at her new home even more disappointing is the dead mouse noted by her emotional cast of characters. The mouse later returns with a cryptic twist in Riley’s nightmare that evening, clearly designed after the look of Remy, the rodent star of Ratatouille. It’s also not the only nod to previous Pixar films that Dream Productions produces over the film, either.

Inside Out Easter Eggs For The Birds Short Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar References Inside Out Easter Eggs Ratatouille Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar References Inside Out Easter Eggs La Luna Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar References Inside Out Good Dinosaur Arlo Easter Egg Inside Out Easter Eggs, Trivia & Pixar References

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When does Monsters Inc. 2 come out.

Monsters Inc 2 is currently in production and is set to be released Nov 2 2012, abut this time next year.

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