Monsters Inc Boo Halloween Costumes [Monsters]

Monsters Inc Boo Halloween Costumes

Monsters Inc BooLast Halloween, I decided to get crafty and make Olivia’s costume—Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Now, I am no seamstress. I worked in the costume shop in college as part of my theatre minor and somehow managed to sew my own sleeve to the dress I was making. So if I could pull this off, I’m pretty sure anyone can do it.

For the most part, I followed this excellent from Tiny Iron Fists with a few adjustments. In order to get the round bowl shape for the head piece, I actually covered a lightweight plastic bowl in the fabric. Instead of just using pipe cleaners to hold up the eyes, I wrapped a section of wire clothes hanger in pipe cleaners and glued them into holes that my husband drilled in the bowl.

As I don’t own a sewing machine, I ended up hand-sewing this entire thing. I do not recommend it. What could have taken me 30 minutes on a Singer wound up taking me somewhere in the neighborhood of a week, week in a half because there’s only so much sewing I could handle per day. If you have access to a sewing machine, for the love, USE IT!

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How do I be "Boo" from Monsters Inc for halloween? | Yahoo Answers

Well it kinda depends... THere is 2 possible costumes here
1. all you need is a pink tshirt and purple pants. put your hair in pig tails
2. the other monster costume you know, it is that purple thing.. yea takes too long to make good luck

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