Mike Monsters Inc. girlfriend [Monsters]

Mike Monsters Inc. girlfriend

Paramilitary Child Detection AgencyMike and Sulley are the two main character monsters who work for Monsters Inc. Their life revolves around their career and they are good worker drones. They are a top scare team for the power company run by a crooked creepy old guy. Early on we’re hit with the use of scarcity as a means to alter the behavior of the population when Sulley forces Mike to walk to work citing a scream shortage as the reason. The screams, fear expressed by children when scared by a monster, are collected by teams of monsters who work an assembly line of closet doors which open to little children’s rooms.

Power for the monster civilization comes from the fear of little children. The population of monsters are held in constant fear from multiple sources.Mike and Sulley Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc. They fear losing their power because screams are harder to come by and “children these days just don’t scare as easy”. They fear the children they scare for power because the children carry disease and “a single touch could kill you!”. They also fear the CDA, a paramilitary like authoritarian organization responsible for among other things: quarantine and decontamination from contact with children, and infected artifacts that may find their way from ‘our’ world in to theirs. One poor monster is repeatedly attacked by this Child Detection Agency over quarantine related hysteria, reported to authorities by his own friend and co-worker! “2319, we have a 2319!”

Mike and Sulley unwittingly stumble in to a nefarious plot. The head of the corporation (secretly under investigation by the paramilitary authority) wants to secure his corporations monopoly on power using a new technology to harvest the screams of kidnapped children. “I’ll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die!” Henry J. Waternoose III says at one point. This puts Mike and Sulley in direct contact with a child, a would be kidnapping and experimentation victim, who slips through an open closet portal in to the monster civilization. It’s a huge no-no to harbor dangerous disease ridden children. So Mike and Sulley become targets of the CDA for concealing and protecting the obviously harmless little girl who Sulley affectionately names Boo.

Disney Monsters Inc Police State Allegory Celia Beaten by CDA? Quarantine by Child Detection Agency Monsters Inc. Logo

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