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Family Monsters Inc Costumes

Homemade Monsters, Inc. Family Costume

Coolest Homemade Monsters, Inc. Family Costume 15

by Michelle J-K
(Bay Area, California)

Homemade Monsters, Inc. Family Costume

These are our cool homemade Monsters Inc. family
costumes. I dressed as Mike, my husband was Mike and our little girl was Boo.

Homemade Monsters Inc. Family CostumeFor Mike's costume, I used 9 layers of paper mache over an exercise ball. Be careful not to cover the plug so that you can deflate it and save it for another occasion. I then painted it with Mike's features. I used an ordinary construction hat that I painted to resemble the hats in the movie.

For my husband's costume, I used about 3 yards of furry fabric. I dyed it three times because it was acrylic, a material that does not absorb dye very well. The spots were fabric paint which comes in an aerosol can. I put a headband on the inside of his hood to keep the horns erect. I also put a metal hanger in the tail (which you can't see here) to keep it raised instead of flopping down.

Boo's costume was purple fleece lined with grey fleece. I used a mop head for the hair and the eye balls were Styrofoam balls, attached to pipe cleaners and then covered with black electrical tape.

Coolest Monster's Inc Group Costume 8We got so many compliments on Halloween.

Coolest Monsters Inc. Family Costume 7

by Patricia P
(Whitehall, PA)

Homemade Monsters Inc. Family Costume

I made this Homemade Monsters Inc. Family Costume to be different from other people since every kid loves Sully. I figured hey why not buy a sewing machine and try it out! Lol, well needless to say I succeeded and everyone wanted pictures with us especially Sully! Sully is made out of faux fur and I sewing in a pillow stuffed belly to make him nice & heavy! & I am celia, Mike's Girlfriend :) Which took a lot of work because she was very time consuming with A LOT of detail cutting each piece indivually and getting it on that dress so it could flap perfectly!

Homemade Monsters Inc Group Costume Homemade Monsters Inc Group Costume Homemade Monsters Inc Group Costume Homemade Monsters Inc. Costume

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