Monsters Menace America Rules [Monsters]

Monsters Menace America Rules

Alex Bell's 3D monster version was a BIG attraction - the kind of creation one should share with his hobby. Jacob Hebner, Daniel Pappas, Mark Love and Alex Bell admire his mega board creation.
There Really Can Only Be One!

67% of games played used the 2005 MONSTERS Menace America edition, while 33% used the 1998 MONSTERS Ravage America edition. Semi-finalist winners decided among themselves which version would be played in the Final. Ravage continued using house rules established in 2005, to incorporate some improvements made in Menace: weakening the Navy sub defense by 1, reducing the Air Force fighter range by 1, and adding a southern California overlay map to strengthen the Marine bases (a copy of which was made available to players by the GM.)

Toxicor, who can pick two mutations and keep the best one, won 38% of the Menace games, including every semi-final. Tomanagi won 31% in Menace. The tournament champion, Tomanagi, as well as Frothomir, were the only ones who won two Ravage games. The western Gargantis in Menace, whose lairs are concentrated in one region, did not win a single game. Neither did Megaclaw. Konk, who is rarely chosen at all in Menace, won once, for Jon Anderson.

So you should get the mutations that appear on the score sheets, the ones that are used when the MONSTERS fight each other, right? Well... in 18% of the Menace games and HALF of the Ravage games, (including the Final), the winner reported NONE of those mutations.

The Menace players controlling the Army, with its stronger defense, won 38% of the games, while the Air Force player won 50% of the Ravage games. One 5-player (house rule option) game was played in Menace. Gary Andrews won as the National Guard player, the first recorded victory by a Guard player at the WBC.

Menace won by: Toxicor 6, Tomanagi 5, Zorb 4, Konk 1, Megaclaw 0, Gargantis 0

Ravage won by: Tomanagi 2 (champion), Frothomir 2, Bronacle 1 (semifinal), Glow Wyrm 1, Konk 1, Ixitpla 1, Dread Swamp Lasher 0, Dust Devil 0.

Menace winners controlled: Navy 6, Army 4, Marines 4, Air Force 1, National Guard 1.

Ravage winners controlled: Air Force 4, Army 2, Navy 1, Marines 1.

MON-STAR of the Silver Screen

Without question, Mikey Eoppolo of Dover, Delaware was the 2011 Best Actor to win a MON-STAR of the Silver Screen award. He was sent to Hollywood with zero health twice in one Ravage game, and once more in another game. But he won the game in his 4th heat attempt, and then proceeded to win the sole Ravage semi-final, advancing to the Final!

The Man Who Could Be King

Three-time champion Marvin Birnbaum had the biggest Menace MONSTER in the tournament, with a winning semi-final Menace score sheet of 65, which put him in the Final for the fourth time. Alex Bell had the biggest Ravage MONSTER in the tournament, with a score sheet of 56. Lissa Rennert, age 14, got 53 in the semi-final, and 11-year-old Gregory Breza made the semi-final with 53 on Zorb's winning score sheet.

First Family of MONSTERS

The Doughan family. While Andrew was the top adult seed with three wins, plus the junior champion, his brother Cal was eligible to play as an alternate, but didn't show.


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