Your life in Monster High Quiz [Monsters]

Your life in Monster High Quiz

Monster High intercom system rattled to life with an announcement from Headless Headmistress Bloodgood: In light of tomorrow’s 13-13 school howliday, classes will be dismissed 13 minutes early today. Enjoy the rest of your day, as well as your day off tomorrow.

She could hear the cheers echoing from the classrooms and down the halls as she placed her hands on each temple, gently lifting her head from the desk and back on her body. Headmistress Bloodgood’s hands remained on her temples in a vain attempt to rub away a fraction of today’s accumulated stress. It was always like this on the eve of a school howliday. Anticipation of an extra day off tended to make even the most well-behaved monster start vacation a few hours early. Today was no exception. She looked down at her list of “visitors:”

10 a.m. Heath Burns and Toralei Stripe – Class Disruption
Toralei bet Heath that he couldn’t stay on fire while spraying himself with an extinguisher. They both won a day in detention.

11 a.m. Abbey Bominable and Cleo de Nile– Fighting
Cleo demanded that Abbey step away from a sink in the bathroom because it was Cleo’s “personal sink” and not for use by commoners. Abbey refused to move and instead froze the sink solid. Words were exchanged at a volume sufficient to be heard in the catacombs.

12 Noon Clawd Wolf, Howleen Wolf and Draculaura – Creepateria Disruption
Howleen was challenged to a hot dog-eating contest by Clawd, with Draculaura as the judge. Clawd and Draculaura were both taken to the school nurse; Clawd due to an upset stomach, Draculaura due to having fainted in disgust at the spectacle of her boyfriend and his youngest sister consuming so many hot dogs. Howleen won 50-40. Clawd is now 0-4 against her.

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