Super monsters Ate my Condo High score [Monsters]

Super monsters Ate my Condo High score

As you may know already, I love Monsters Ate My Condo, and I am still trying to work my way up in the leaderboards. As a certified M.A.M.C. addict, I’d like to share with you some of my strategy, tips and tricks. (Note: check out the review of the newly released Super Monsters Ate My Condo here)

Before anything else, Make sure you’re online and logged into your GameCenter/OpenFeint account. I’ve had strange experiences with my scores. Once, when I hit my all-time personal high of 760+ B — for some strange reason, I got a negative score! Another time, my score wasn’t recorded at all. Wait til you see the GameCenter notification that you’re live your score doesn’t go to waste!

1) Form shiny condo chains by planning ahead. Remember that shiny condos and combos come in three’s: 3 of a kind = bronze X 3 = silver X 3 = gold X 3 = diamond X 3 = MegaZone.

2) Remember that once you’re in the MegaZone, the monsters’ special powers don’t work.

3) Want to score tons of points? Use Lord Ferocious (yellow) just before going into the MegaZone!

4) Upgrade your condos faster by making “cats” – you can do this by stacking on top of each other any of the following “bad condos” – 3 concretes, 3 bombs, 2 bombs + 1 concrete. There are other special combos that create cats, but I don’t remember these other combos since I was only to make them once or twice.

5) Since the red crab calms the other monsters down, eliminate condos that you don’t need by activating the red crab and carefully feed the sleeping monsters the condos you want them to eat.

6) The red crab resets bombs. To score cats, buy some time by feeding the red crab a shiny combo and wait for other bombs/bad condos to fall down.

7) Need cats to upgrade your shiny condos? Put the red crab to good use! If you’re being blitzed by bad condos, put them together to create a cat. Feed the red crab with any shiny condo and then eliminate all other condos in between except for at least 3 bad condos.

8) To create even more cats out of bad condos, feed the green guy with a shiny condo to double the combos formed.

9) Try to put 2 cats at the bottom of your tower so that eventually they will upgrade all the condos and lead you to the MegaZone.

10) Try to keep at least 2 cats in your tower at all times.

11) If your monster onscreen will soon swap out, feed him the condos you want to eliminate that are of a different color.

12) Reginald Starfire (blue) straightens towers when his power is activated. If you have a bomb that’s about to go off, feed him a condo immediately after the explosion to prevent the tower from being unstable.

13) Keep your tower at a low height, even if it means giving away some shiny condos.

Got any more tips, tricks and strategies? Share them in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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