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Everyone loves Spectra V!

Spectra Vondergeist is a 2011-introduced and all-around character. She is a ghost and a student at Monster High. Also known as The Ghostly Gossip to those who follow her blog, Spectra is the kind of journalist who puts sensation before fact-checking. In fact, she regularly creates stories from loosely related details that she may not have heard correctly, which she connects by means of her own imagination. Her method of journalism runs so deep in her psyche that she cannot tell her fabrications apart from reality. Even when they pertain to her own person, she sooner believes her own fantasies than the documented truth. Because of all this, Spectra is one of the most controversial students at Monster High. On one hand, she owns one of the two most popular news sources at the school, but on the other, she has hurt more than a few fellow students by spreading lies about them. Leaked photos of Spectra revealed she was called Spectra Von Hauntington.


Though Spectra herself does not make an appearance in the music video for the Monster High Fright Song, there are several different character ghost analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. The "Ghost Girl" is portrayed by Catina Duscio.


Spectra has a very forceful personality and she often makes quick judgments and leaps to conclusions without supporting evidence. When she's confronted with the facts, she tends to dig in her heels. She draws the line at planting a fake story though. This makes for an excellent gossip columnist, but not a friend you would want to share secrets with. In her diary it's hinted that she's constructed a mysterious, fanciful history for herself, and even began to believe it herself, but that the truth about her family is actually quite tragic (though it's never revealed). This may be why she's still a ghost; she hasn't "moved on" from whatever happened to them in life. But despite all this, she is seen as a kind monster and helps those in need of her, she also is known to easily get the truth out of other monsters which also gives her a detective/reporter complex.


Due to the fact that Spectra is a ghost, her skin is ghostly pale -almost stark white- and then fades to transparent at the beginning of her hands and feet. Her face is somewhat gaunt.

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