High experience monsters RuneScape [Monsters]

High experience monsters RuneScape

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    Find monsters that have low defence, but high hit points. Training any combat with this method gives you the maximum experience. Low defence means that you can hit them harder and better.


  2. Concentrate on one skill at a time. When you attempt to level up attack, strength, and defence all at once, the experience is divided and balanced between the three.
    • Most players tend to sway with leveling up strength first, then attack, and defence last.
  3. Be sure have the correct armour according to the specific training you're doing. The combat triangle severely makes a difference with what a person is wearing as defence material.
    • Magic is better than melee, but worse against ranged.
    • Ranged is better than magic, but worse against melee.
    • Melee is better than ranged, but worse against magic.

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  • It's important to get your cooking level up so you can cook various types of foods.
  • For members, the Tz-haar fight caves are perfect to train on. You will never lose anything when you die, and you respawn right outside of it, even better, you get Tokkul, a new type of currency, every time you die. You can buy weapons, runes, armor and more there. You never need food or potions, unless you are trying to beat every wave of the monsters.
  • Also, play the minigame Pest Control. It is a safe minigame and usually only works best on world 53, 144, or 115. You must be at least level 40. Although it is only available to members, this provides you with initial experience points from killing monsters, as well as money from winning the game. To make a triple-treat, when you win, you are awarded points which can be redeemed for experience in a combat skill.
  • If your range level is around the 40-50 level, train on Moss Giants or Lesser Demons as a F2P. Always try to use obstacles, such as stalagmites, gates, etc to lessen or omit them hitting you.
  • If you are a member, the process of raising your levels is slightly easier. You can kill Rock Crabs north of Relekka and Experiments in Fenkenstrain's dungeon as these monsters have low combat levels but high amounts of hit points. You do not need food for these activities if your level is high enough.

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How do you defeat really high-level monsters on RuneScape? | Yahoo Answers

For a lot of the quests, at the end you have to defeat a level 200 monster or a level 150 monster, or whatever. But pretty much no one is level 200 or whatever, so how do you finish all those quests?

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