High defense monsters Yugioh [Monsters]

High defense monsters Yugioh

Why Blast Sphere Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Blast Sphere can do a lot of damage to your opponent with its effect. Before damage calculation, if this face-down Defense Position card was attacked by an opponent’s monster, it is equipped to the attacking monster. During your opponent’s next Standby Phase, the monster this card is equipped to is destroyed. Then your opponent loses life points equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster. The stronger the monster that attacks this card, the more life points your opponent loses, and if your opponent’s strongest monster is destroyed, you will be able to attack with your other monsters as well.

Why Blizzard Dragon Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Blizzard Dragon has good ATK for a Level 4 monster, and it can prevent monsters from attacking. Once per turn, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. The selected monster cannot change its Battle Position or declare an attack until the end of your opponent’s next turn. This effect is similar to Spellbinding Circle.photo img475.jpg The only differences are that the effect is temporary, but it can be spread out to multiple monsters that your opponent controls.

Why Destiny HERO-Defender Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Destiny HERO-Defender’s effect is not the most desirable since your opponent draws another card during each of his/her Standby Phases as long as this card remains in face-up Defense Position (combined with Needle Worm and other cards though, it can deplete your opponent’s Deck). The main reason Destiny Hero-Defender is a good card is because it has 2700 DEF which is very high for a Level 4 monster. Destiny HERO-Defender may give your opponent more cards in his/her hand, but it will stay on your side of the field for a long time.

Why Chiron The Mage Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Chiron The Mage allows you to destroy one of your opponent’s Spell or Trap Cards by discarding 1 Spell Card from your hand. If your opponent has a Spell or Trap Card such as Gravity Bind that restricts you in anyway, you can discard 1 Spell Card from your hand, and then that card will be destroyed. Chiron The Mage is also a strong monster with 1800 ATK which can benefit greatly from its own effect.

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What monster has a defense of 3000 and four stars on Yugioh Worldwide Edition

We were unable to find a Yu-Gi-Oh monster with four stars and 3000 defense. Blue Eyes Toon Dragon is close with 8 stars, 2500 defense, and 3000 attack.

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