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Other Loch Monsters

loch ness monster windermereIf you hadn’t already heard, we made quite the discovery this week, when we spotted something similar to the Loch Ness Monster in one of our time-lapse sequences up in Lake Windermere.

If you’re familiar with Autographer, you’ll know that we love to travel and explore, all the while capturing as many places as possible. Lake Windermere had been on our to-do list for months – and we thought we’d head up there this week to capture the last slice of summer, and see if we could get some beautiful shots of the seasons changing around us.

It’s always an easy process when we set up shots like this, because the camera battery lasts 12 hours – we simply have to set it up on the tripod and leave it in place to automatically photograph the world around it. Talk about the best job ever, hey?

We then disappeared to a local cafe and enjoyed a nice lunch and cup of tea, knowing the camera was busy snapping away and doing all the hard work for us! It wasn’t until after we’d discovered what looks like the mysterious creature in the shots, that we wished we’d stuck around!

loch ness monster windermereThis is how the cameras looked on the banks of Lake Windermere…

When our photographer uploaded the images onto her phone after the time-lapse had finished shooting, she thought it might have been a black swan or perhaps a goose as it’s so hard to tell on those small screens!

However when she uploaded it to her computer and went to email them over to the London office later that day, she noticed that there was something much bigger, and much more exciting!

We can confirm (in case you were wondering) that no editing has been done to the Loch Ness image, and no photoshop has been used. The image you’ve seen, is exactly the one that came off the camera!

Of course, we have to admit, we were all very excited by the find! We spent hours googling the possibilities of what it could be and if there had been any other sightings of such things in Lake Windermere in the past. Or maybe, that it was in fact Nessie, and she’d gone in search of new digs!

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Are there other names for the Loch Ness monster?

yes some people like to call it Nessie because of pictures taken the Loch Ness monster has female charicteristics.

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