Loch Ness Monster and Champ [Monsters]

Loch Ness Monster and Champ


For more than a hundred years, strange creatures have been seen in the oceans by thousands of people. Many claim that what they saw was a Plesiosaur.

Elasmosaurus was the largest plesiosaur that we know of. A plesiosaur is an aquatic reptile that some claim died out millions of years ago. My page on the Leviathan shows that these creatures did in fact live with man, and are mentioned in the bible.

Could it be that those who believe in evolution are wrong, and that some plesiosaurs may still be alive today?

Our oceans are for the most part unexplored. Every year we hear of new animals being found that no one has ever seen before. We also hear of animals we once thought were extinct, being found in remote parts of the world.. and they are very much alive.

Could this be true of the Plesiosaur?

I personally believe that plesiosaurs could still be alive. If they are they exist in very small numbers. I think "Champ", which I discuss on another page, is a perfect candidate.

However there are many erroneous claims of living plesiosaurs, and I want to clear some of those up.

Only God knows for certain whether or not plesiosaurs are still alive. But again, if you believe that the world is millions of years old, then the possibility of a plesiosaur still living would be hard to accept. But if you believe the Bible, that the earth is less than 10 thousand years old, then the survival of the plesiosaur makes a whole lot more sense.

The chance of a sea dwelling creature surviving harsh environmental and ecological changes (since the Biblical flood) is greater than that of a land dwelling animal.

We have sent men to the moon. But we have yet to explore the vast depths of our seas.

Loch ness

Here are 3 pictures of what could be an aquatic reptile inhabiting the loch ness. These pictures were taken using sonar which can penetrate the dark waters like no other camera can. There is some evidence that these photos were "enhanced" however, so these photos must be examined more closely.

The first picture above shows the creatures head and neck (left side of picture).
These 2 pictures (allegedly) show 2 views of the creatures diamond shaped flippers.

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