Lake Monsters robots [Monsters]

Lake Monsters robots

PictureAt the first every Rookie Rumble event the Lake Monsters new members did a fantastic job. They all preformed well at the competition and made it onto the winning alliance!

Today the Lake Monsters were very successful at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market. Below Freshman Tristan Thompson shows an enthusiastic boy the controls for shooting the robot so he can attempt to knock over a can and win some prizes.

Recruiting for new members of the robotics team went well at our visit to Lake Oswego Jr. High. We showed off the robot and shared what we do with the students.


The Lake Monsters finished 14th out of 49 teams in the FRC Central Washington Regionals qualification rounds. The team was chosen to be in an alliance and was eliminated in the 2nd round of the quarterfinals. The team ended the season with appearances in the elimination rounds at two FRC regionals. That's a Lake Monster first!

PictureHere's one of our long-time mentors, Bill, giving a big high five at Central Washington Regionals to represent the fifth year mentors. Thank you Bill for your commitment and hard work to the Lake Monsters team!

Mentor Nick knows how to best wear Lake Monsters blue and show team pride. Good luck to the Lake Monsters who are at the Central Washington Regional today getting the robot ready for competition on Thursday and Friday, March 22-23.


Ethan brought a mini trike he built to practice over the weekend. The Lake Oswego Armory is the perfect spot to test the robot and Ethan's driving skills. Very cool ride!

Here's a view you don't see everyday: the robot's view of Nick, Darrell and Ankit working on the robot.

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What is the name of the Andy Griffith show were there was a monster in the lake

The monster appeared in the made-for-television movie 'Return To Mayberry' in 1986

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