Lake Erie Monsters Parent team [Monsters]

Lake Erie Monsters Parent team

wordmarkstencil.jpgIt's October, which means time for pumpkins! The whole neighborhood will know which hockey team you root for when they see your Monsters pumpkin! Simply click on your choice of pumpkin stencils below to open and print, and use it to carve your own pumpkin. Be sure to share it on social media using the hashtag #LEMPumpkin so everyone can see your carving skills.

Choosing Your Pumpkin: Choose your stencil before you go shopping so you can get a pumpkin that is best suited for that particular design. Don't buy pumpkins with nicks or bruises, because they don't last very long. Try to avoid carrying your pumpkin by the stem, two things can happen: a broken stem or a bruised pumpkin, neither of which are good.

Pumpkin Carving Tools: For best results, the above stencils are most easily carved with inexpensive pumpkin carving kits, which are available at places such as your local grocery store. But you can also use common household tools, such as a large spoon, serrated knife, pin, nail or paring knife.

Kids: Please make sure you get a parent or adult to help you with the activity.

Carving Your Pumpkin:

1. Start by spreading sheets of newspaper around the area you plan to work. This will reduce mess and make clean-up easy.
2. Print one of our stencils. Tape the stencil to your pumpkin. Using a nail or pin, punch holes through the paper, into the pumpkin, following the lines of the stencil.
3. Try cutting the hole in the bottom! Use the serrated knife to cut out the bottom of the pumpkin. Opening the bottom creates a flat surface to steady the pumpkin and keeps the top neat and uncut.sully-stencil.jpg If you want, you can cut the top for a more traditional look with a convenient lid for the candle.
4. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. Don't forget to save the seeds to roast!
5. Use the large spoon to scrape the sides of the pumpkin smooth. They should be about one inch thick.
6. This is the really fun part: Use the paring knife to cut along the dotted lines that you made.
7. Cut a hole to vent the heat from your candle.
8. Place a candle inside your pumpkin. Carefully light it, and watch your design come to life! Do not leave a lit candle unattended.

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