Magic the Gathering Green Monsters [Monsters]

Magic the Gathering Green Monsters

Red-Green Monsters
Shahar Shenhar was successful under the cameras in his Round 6 feature match against an Abzan deck.

What makes it such a good choice this weekend? “The biggest card, and the reason it's so good, is Dromoka's Command. It plays four in the main deck, ” Shenhar explained. “It's great against not just Red Aggro but it gets Ensoul Artifact – both their main game plan, but also their regular game plan of making flyers. It prevents damage from Shrapnel Blast and handles Ensoul Artifact on Darksteel Citadel because they have to sacrifice. It's just a really strong card in the deck, and is great against any aggressive deck with artifacts and enchantments.”

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What is magic the gathering green saprolings?

Saprolings are carnivorous, primal, fungal creatures whose form varies wildly across both the planes and the centuries.As a creature type, saprolings are used for tokens only.The saprolings of Yavimaya shared ties with the treefolk of the forest. They proved remarkably effective against undead during the Phyrexian Invasion, as they would drop out of the trees and burst open, spreading rotting agents over the Phyrexian zombies that would cause them to rapidly decay.

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