Green Monsters drink [Monsters]

Green Monsters drink

Green Monster Smoothie
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It’s been an indulgent few weeks of holiday eating and drinking and with New Year’s Eve behind us, this is the perfect time to get back on track with a little detox. This week, we’re swapping out the boozy cocktails for something a little healthier with these delicious, nutritious, and cleansing Green Monster Smoothies. Even if you’re a green drink skeptic like Julie was, this is the drink to convert you. Take your pick of frozen fruit and add it to the blender with a banana (one of those frozen ones you have saved up would be great) and a handful of vitamin-rich spinach for a delicious drink that’ll get you feeling as good as new. If you’re concerned about drinking spinach, don’t be. When you use the ratios that Julie suggests, the sweetness of the fruit takes over so you won’t even notice the spinach. Here’s to a clean, fresh start in 2013. Cheers!

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  • Handmade from aunthetic units
  • Seamless screw top lid
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  • Good for holding cash and jewelry
  • Hide your valuable in plain sight
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