Green Monsters Doctor who [Monsters]

Green Monsters Doctor who

This is a list of all the monsters and aliens in Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures:


An obese alien creature from the planet Klom (twin planet to Slitheen homeworld). It absorbs it’s victims through touch. The Abzorbaloff intends to consume the Doctor to gain his unrivalled knowledge.

Episode: Love and Monsters

Adherents of the Repeated Meme

The Adherents of the Repeated Meme were a group of robots used by Cassandra O’Brien on Platform One.

Episode: The End of the World


Small creatures created from excess human fat. In emergencies they can also convert bone, hair and muscle tissue. After their world was lost they turned to alien Matron Cofelia aka Miss Foster to create a new generation.

Fotor092471523Episode: Partners in Crime

The Alliance

The Alliance was an association of diverse races, including many of the Doctor’s enemies, formed to stop the greatest threat in the universe, which they all believed to be the Doctor.

Episode: The Pandorica Opens


The Animus is an alien intelligence from an unknown planet which lands on the planet Vortis. It can take over any living creature that is in contact with gold and has already taken control of the ant-like Zarbi when the Doctor and his companions arrive on Vortis.

Episode: The Web Planet

Anne Droid

Fotor09247177The Anne Droid was a robot who hosted a deadly version of the game show The Weakest Link in 200, 100. The Anne Droid’s design and voice was based on the original human host of the show, Anne Robinson.

Episodes: Bad Wolf, Parting of the Ways

Anti-Matter Creature

The Antimatter Creature was a creature of pure anti-matter energy that attacked anyone foolish enough to trespass on Zeta Minor, the boundary between the universes of matter and anti-matter.

Episode: Planet of Evil


Arcturus was the Arcturan delegate to Peladon when it applied for membership in the Galactic Federation. He aided Hepesh in attempting to prevent Peladon from joining, secretly planning for his world to exploit the planet’s mineral wealth afterwards.

Episode: The Curse of Peladon

The Aridians

Fotor092471915The Aridians were a piscine humanoid race native to Aridius. When the First Doctor encountered the culture, it was clearly in decline, having all but lost the evolutionary war on Aridius to the Mire Beasts.

Episode: The Chase


The Atraxi were a species which formed a galactic police force. They were not very bright; one failed to notice overloading technology in Leadworth while scanning for Prisoner Zero.

Episode: The Eleventh Hour


Autons are essentially life-sized plastic dummies, automatons animated by the Nestene Consciousness, an extraterrestrial, disembodied gestalt intelligence which first arrived on Earth in hollow plastic meteorites.

Episodes: Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons, Rose, The Pandorica Opens


Axons appeared as golden humanoids with white bodies covered in gold blotches. They could transform into large creatures that appeared as a mass of tentacles. They could lash out with their tentacles to either shock or disintegrate enemies. They could also instantly absorb victims.

Fotor092418133 Fotor09247214 Fotor092418382 BeFunky_autons_large.jpg

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