What Monsters does Godzilla fight in 2014? [Monsters]

What Monsters does Godzilla fight in 2014?

godzillaWhen Godzilla is released May 16, 2014, it would have been nearly sixteen years to the day that Tristar released their American remake of the legendary King of all Monsters. However, the general consensus was that the 1998 remake was a colossal failure in both financial gain as well as overall plot and design. The creature didn’t resemble Godzilla at all, had none of his traits, and his origin/plot was just atrocious to most loyal Godzilla fans.

However, this is not meant to be a Tristar Godzilla bash. This article serves as renewed hope, that Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. will FINALLY give us the proper American remake of Godzilla that we richly deserve. Here are five GOOD reasons to look forward to the return of the Big G:


5. A Proper Destruction of the United States

Let’s face it, New York and other cities have felt the wrath of various alien invasions, giant monsters, and insects of all shapes and sizes. However, after a brief attempt in Destroy All Monsters and the disasterous attack by the giant iguana in 1998’s reboot of Godzilla, New York (assuming that is the city) hasn’t been annihilated by Godzilla properly.

Truth be told, despite the obvious landmarks that the Big G could decimate, I would love to see something like San Francisco or even a destruction tour across the USA. As of now, they are shooting in Vancouver so it will be interesting to see what city(ies) they use.

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