Monsters Godzilla fights [Monsters]

Monsters Godzilla fights

godzilla clip mutoWhile those of us who have seen the new "Godzilla" (#blessed) are under strict orders to keep our mouths shut until closer to the May 16 release date, Warner Bros. apparently has no problem spoiling some of the surprises in a series of increasingly explicit clips and trailers. The most recent clip (via Entertainment Weekly) features another one of the movie's jumbo-sized monsters, and should only be watched if you're comfortable with knowing a bit more about the upcoming remake than you probably should.

Still there? OK, the scene in question starts out with a brief bit of dialogue between Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, a scientist who works for a mysterious group called Monarch, and Admiral Stenz, who is running the military operation for what basically amounts to chasing giant monsters around the world. Stenz asks Serizawa about the "alpha predator" Serizawa has been following a primordial beast known as Godzilla for as long as he can remember. After two unidentified, bug-like monsters (given the acronym MUTO - Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) show up and start wreaking havoc, Serizawa is certain that Godzilla can settle the score.

"The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in their control, and not the other way around, " Serizawa gravely intones. Then, he says, "Let them fight."

We're then treated to a few choice shots of one of these new, Mothra-type monsters flying through the urban tangle of San Francisco (that's star Elizabeth Olsen running for cover), before Godzilla shows up, ready to lay the prehistoric smack down on this winged freak.

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Anguirus, King Kong, Oodaku, Mothra Ghidorah, Rodan, Ebirah, Giant Condor, Giamantis, Minya, Spiega, Hedorah and Gabera were the monsters Godzilla fought.

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