Gods and Monsters [Monsters]

Gods and Monsters

At last! At last! This feels like the final piece of the puzzle.


Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you, Hodder & Stoughton, for always coming up with such beauty! And there's more. Such fun! The secret signings I've been referring to? Here they are. Well, the first wave of them, anyway:

3000 signed title pages! 3000 might not look like so many, sitting there all innocent like that, but they took a while to sign. But it was a good while! It was just what my poor fried brain needed, in fact: a mindless activity that I could do while catching up on some movie watching. It was some kind of luxury. I watched a French movie, a German movie (reading subtitles while signing!), some episodes of some shows, a Bette Davis movie, a bad dance movie (but set in London, so bonus), Stuck in Love (which was cute and is about writers so bonus that too), and I don't even know what else. It was a fugue.

So. These signed titled pages also have an illustration of Karou by me. It looks like this:

These are currently en route back to the UK where they will be bound into 3000 copies of DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS. The first 3000 pre-orders of the UK edition of DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS will get this limited edition. Fun! After that, it will be just a normal title page, so pre-order now to get one of these!

"Our hands are our enemies even if we aren't."

A quote from DREAMS. First sneak peek :-)

(For those of you in the US and Canada, there will be some special editions available here too. I'll show you what those are in a couple of weeks!)

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