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SCP game all monsters

SCP-173 SCP-173 during initial containment.

Contained By:

The SCP Foundation



Object Class:



Site 19


The Sculpture

SCP-173, also known as The Sculpture, is a creature from The SCP Foundation, a fictional organization that works to keep anomalous objects, places, and creatures secret from the rest of the world. SCP-173 is an animate statue made of concrete and rebar, painted with spray paint. He occasionally leaves a reddish-brown substance on the floor, which, according to the wiki, is "a combination of feces and blood". Those who wish to click this link are warned of the fact that the site is almost 85% nightmare fuel.

SCP-173 is completely still while in an organism's field of vision, only moving when it isn't being watched, even if the observer simply blinks. Moving forwards several feet at with the sound of grinding stone in the amount of time it takes for a human to blink, the statue advances towards its target until it is in range, then snaps its victim's neck.


  • Durability: Being constructed of concrete and rebar, SCP-173 is incredibly durable, able to hold its own in a fight against SCP-682, a massive reptilian beast with almost unlimited regenerative powers that is widely considered the most dangerous SCP the Foundation has, and actually inspire fear in the creature from that day forward.
  • Strength: SCP-173 is apparently strong enough to snap the neck of a fully-grown man almost instantly, although exactly how it does this is unknown.
  • Limited Speed: Despite the fact that it is a statue, SCP-173 can move fast enough to travel several feet in the time it takes for the human eye to reopen after blinking-it can literally move faster than the blink of an eye. However, the creature is rendered completely immobile for as long as it's in an organism's sight.
  • SCP-173 is featured, alongside other members of the SCP Foundation, in the game SCP: Containment Breach.
  • "Crunch" is a story about SCP-173 that consists of the thoughts running through the creature's mind
  • The photograph used for SCP-173 was actually of a statue by Japanese artist Izumi Kato.
  • It is not a Keter class because it can be easily contained.
  • SCP-173 is in fact the first SCP ever published, inspiring others to create their own SCPs until a site was created to house them all.

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Where are all the games on Moshi Monsters?

Members can buy them in the Games Starcade, located on Sludge Street.
You can play puzzle quizzes and the Daily Challenge at the Puzzle Palace.
The Underground Disco is beneath Monstro City.
Just log into the Moshi Monsters website, and go to 'map'.
Then click on 'Moshi Fun Park'.

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