All monsters my Singing monsters [Monsters]

All monsters my Singing monsters

Have you bought or received a new device recently? Lucky you, but are you unsure on how to access your My Singing Monsters progress on a different device/platform? Please follow the steps to recover your progress or transfer your account to a new device.

STEP 1: Identify the login method of your original account

Knowing your login method can solve many issues. Every user starts the game using the anonymous method. It is important to remember that an anonymous account can only be accessed locally from the device on which it was created, and if you have to perform a factory reset on your device, you will lose the ability to access your account. However, all account information is stored on our servers and not remotely on devices, so it is still possible that we can retrieve your progress. To avoid complications, we strongly recommend that you bind your anonymous account.

You can identify your login method on the game’s loading screen. To access the loading screen, tap “Log Out” from the Options Menu. It will be indicated in parentheses on the “Play” button.

STEP 2: Account Binding

Besides anonymous, the game offers three other login methods:

  • Facebook
  • Game Center (iOS Users)

My Singing Monsters also allows multiple accounts on a single device. To change between accounts, tap “Log Out” from the Options Menu and then “Change User.” Item 1.20 on the Support page provides more information on this subject.

Binding your account to an e-mail address is the best way to secure your progress. You will be able to access your account from any device, including from different platforms. To bind your account to an e-mail address, make sure to follow these steps:

1. Open the Options Menu.

2. Tap the “Bind Account” button.

3. Complete the required fields and follow the instructions in the notification that will subsequently appear on-screen.

If the “Bind Account” option does not appear in your Options Menu, your account has already been bound to an e-mail address, or the account-binding process has been started. The verification e-mail used to authenticate the binding can sometimes be sorted into your Junk/Spam folders, so be sure to check in those. If you do not receive a verification email, please submit a support request and we will be happy to manually verify your account for you. We respectfully ask that you take care to remember which e-mail address you used during the binding process. If the account gets bound to the wrong e-mail address, a new account will need to be created and verified, and then we must transfer your progress.


If your My Singing Monsters account uses the Facebook login method, all you need to do to access your account on a new device is to ensure you are signed into the Facebook application on the new device, launch the game, and log in via Facebook on the loading screen. ac service Dubai - repair in Dubai maintenance service.

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