All monsters in Cabin in the Woods [Monsters]

All monsters in Cabin in the Woods

MonsterspreproductionKraken, sexy witches, giant millipede, angry molesting tree, and many others.

"An endless array of elevators. Monsters in every single one. It's the CostCo of death." -Script's description of the cube prison.

Monsters are grotesque sometimes imaginary creatures which exist beyond scientific and social perimeters. The three major types of such creatures are undead humans (such as ghosts, vampires, zombies and the like), altered humans (such as humans altered by mutation and including to an extent psychopathic killers) and alien entities (such as demons, ogres and assorted mythological and extraterrestrial beings), although it is not unusual some of these beings to overlap. Many of the supernatural creatures provided to the Facility are for the purpose of murdering the five sacrifices in the Ritual. For each monster, there is a corresponding item that can be used to summon it.

Appearance and Characteristics

Sitterson standing in front of the betting board that all the departments take part in.

As to fill multiple horror conventions, each of the monster's appearances differ between them. It is clear that every monster is kept in thousands of identicle cube prisons roughly the size of the elevator, so the monsters (each) would be small enough to fit inside them, despite some of them appearing too big on the outside (like the Kraken and the Angry Molesting Tree).

Their behaviour differs between them, some of them acting like savage animals while the others remain calm and collected, as shown when some of them tried find a way out of their cubes while others calmly waited to be let out.

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just kidding, ive seen the movie.
I like the guy with the saws in his face.

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