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Are Monsters real Yahoo Answers

Plesiosaur SkeletonMost Nessie enthusiasts associate the unidentified monster with the plesiosaur (commonly believed to be extinct).

Few in the scientific community accept Nessie’s existence and claim that “evidence” of the monster is the result of misidentification or pure fabrication by fraud or an over-active imagination. Proposed animals that could have resulted in misidentification are massive eels, diving birds, otters, or seals. A grey seal seems the most likely explanation as several “Nessie” sightings have occurred out of the water and grey seals have long, flexible necks and “paddle” fins similar to those described on the monster.


Though not as well known as Nessie, North America has its own “Loch Ness monster.” Champ, the supposed inhabitant of Lake Champlain, has garnered around 300 recorded sightings. These sightings date back to Native American legends of a great sea creature as well as a diary entry that describes a strange creature Samuel de Champlain’s exploration party saw. Evidence for Champ includes eyewitness reports, one famous photograph, one recording of a strange form of echolocation, and one dubious video.

Like other cryptids, Champ is considered within the scientific community to be no more than the misidentification of normal lake activity. Beavers, otters, diving birds, eels, lake sturgeons, and rotting logs or vegetation have all been suggested as possible explanations. Lake monster enthusiasts claim that, like Nessie, Champ could be a living plesiosaur or maybe a basilosaurus (a serpentine-whale believed to be extinct).


While the United States and Canada share Champ between them, Canada also has its very own legendary sea monster: Ogopogo. Ogopogo is the supposed inhabitant of Lake Okanagan in Canada’s western-most province, British Columbia. It has been described by witnesses as a 40–50 (even as high as 80) foot long green sea serpent. Ogopogo enthusiasts claim that it could be a Basilosaurus, a long, serpent-like whale.

Reported sightings of Ogopogo stretch back to Canada’s First Nations legends that contain stories of a fierce lake monster and continue to the present. Scant physical evidence exists in the form of inconclusive photos and videos. The scientific community, like with Nessie and Champ, simply chalks the sightings up to misidentifications of otters or floating logs.

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