New Vegas Monster Mod Wasteland Edition [Monsters]

New Vegas Monster Mod Wasteland Edition

This is my New Vegas edition of Monster Wars which was originaly created for Skyrim to enhance Monster Mod. However this one is entirely standalone with better compatibility, although NVSE is required.

This mod will will dynamically change the wasteland by altering spawns and adding many new encounters to the world. This is done though adding lots of new content through levelled lists, scripts, and manual placements and will be compatible with most mods you already use. Included in this mod are...

- New creatures
- New NPCs
- New Armours
- New Weapons
- Revived FO3 content including Mothership Zeta
- New/enhanced factions
- New companions
- Wasteland battles
- New bosses

This mod has also been put together to cater for players at higher levels who are finding the game a little too easy, making many levelled spawn caps higher with tougher enemies.
All content has been added with Fallout lore in mind, meaning no themes or content from other game titles will be found in this mod.

Recommended mods to use with this:

- Experience Level Adjust Mod - Use this if you find yourself levelling too fast because of this mod.
- WARZONES - Use this if want a bloodbath! I use it all the time, and with this loaded too it makes the battles really interesting ;)

NVSE. If you don't install this correctly then some stuff will not appear in-game.

Unpack the 7z to your data folder (Default = SteamSteamappscommonFallout New VegasData), activate Monster Wars.esm in the launcher.

If you install during an existing game (not new) it's a good idea to wait (T) in an interior cell for 4 in-game days for spawns to regenerate and reduce the chance of crashing.

- Monster Wars.esm (Master file used to run the mod)
- Monster Wars.bsa (Data file containing meshes, textures, sounds)
- MonsterWarsReadme.txt (You're reading it)
- Contents List.txt (A comprehensive list of everything added by the mod)

This mod has been carefully scripted so that every peice of data added by this has been fully integrated using scripts touching very little vanilla data, this means that you can use it with any mod with hardly any mod conflicts.

IF you do find that that you have any conflicts I recommend using FNVEdit to create a simple merged patch at a click of a button. The few bits of vanilla I did touch are either unused by NV or used in very few references.

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