InnoTab games Monsters University [Monsters]

InnoTab games Monsters University

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We are back in the swing of things with the school year. Actually, we are more than swinging – we are pretty much flying between school for the kids and their extracurricular activities. And in the past they at least had the same activities. This year they ended that. One does gymnastics and soccer – the other has Tai Kwon Do and 4H Club. So when one is in practice or their club hours, the other has to sit and wait.

How can they pass the time, since they don’t have the desire to actually WATCH the other one practice. Well, bringing along our InnoTab Learning Tablet sure helps! We keep the InnoTab fresh and new to them after a year of owning it by adding fresh, fun, educational games to the line-up. We suggest:


This cartridge works with all InnoTab systems. It teaches Spelling, Vocabulary, Beginning Letter, Phonics and Reading. It also has some more creative apps, such as Photo Fun and Design a Monster. The characters in this cartridge are from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and … my favorite … Monster University! So children get to help Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Nemo. The Reading portion is following the story of The Incredibles. And the Monsters portion is when you get to design a monster.ISPYADVENTURE The Photo Fun is with an array of Pixar characters.

  • Spelling: Help Buzz find missing letters to complete words and defeat Zurg!
  • Phonics: Help Woody find a missing alien by following phonics clues.
  • Vocabulary: Learn new words as you guide Nemo through the ocean.
  • Reading: Read the story of The Incredibles on the e-reader.
  • Creativity: Design a monster! Choose a body, color, eyes, attributes and more.
  • Photo Fun: Take a photo and add different Pixar scenes and character frames.

This cartridge is suggested for ages 4 – 7, grades pre-k to 1st. I agree with the age recommendations on it. (Available on Amazon)

Oh, my oldest used to love I Spy books. Now I can bring it on the go with my youngest, teaching him matching, visual discrimination, problem solving, patterns, sorting & classifying, rhyming, and even vocabulary. Yes, who knew that I Spy could teach so much. And after having two elementary school age kids, I can tell you these skills are definitely found in the classroom. They make patterns in Kindergarten, are sorting and classifying in Kindergarten to 3rd and rhyming in those grades too!

All of these e-games require more thought and cleverness as the kids pass the easier levels. That’s a must so they don’t get bored!

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VTech VTech InnoTab Game Cartridges 3-pack - Jake, Planes, Monsters University
Toy (VTech)
  • This InnoTab Game Cartridges 3-pack compatible with all InnoTab systems.
  • InnoTab Jake and the Never Land Pirates, teaches Problem Solving, Classification, and Logic
  • InnoTab Planes, teaches Addition, Subtraction, More/Less Than and Counting
  • InnoTab Monsters University, teaches Memory, Logic, Spatial Sense and Observation
  • Each game cartridge comes with an E-Book, creative activities and more
V Tech VTech InnoTab Software, Disney Pixar Play
Toy (V Tech)
  • Disney s Pixar Play kids software features interactive learning games that teach spelling, letters, vocabulary, reading, phonics and creativity
  • Includes an early education e-Book retells the story of the movie, The Incredibles ; includes content from Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters University and The...
  • Learning software lets kids play with their favorite Pixar characters in five learning games; completion of games allows for unlockable content
  • Take photos with the Pixar crew and add wacky stickers and frames to the photos (camera mode compatible only with InnoTab 2, 2S, 3 and 3S)
  • Kids gaming software is intended for kids 4 to 7 years of age; compatible with all VTech InnoTab systems including InnoTab 3, 3S, 3S Plus, Max and InnoTV
Vtech VTech Innotab 3S Tablet System - Monsters University Bundle Pack
Toy (Vtech)
  • 20 total apps included: Art Studio, Magical Bean Stalk game, H2O Go! game and more
  • 2 Monsters University Games
  • Monsters U Storage case, 2 Styluses, Wrist Strap and Character Charm
  • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • MP3 Player, 180-degree 2.0 MP rotating camera/video recorder


How do you say I am the cookie monster in Spanish.

Translated from English to Spanish the words, 'I am the cookie monster' are 'Yo soy el Monstruo de las Galletas'.

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