Monsters Inc. Randall [Monsters]

Monsters Inc. Randall

image1. Another appearance by “Little Mikey, ” the four-legged, one-eyed stuffed toy that Mike jealously reclaims from Boo in Monsters, Inc., making her bawl. Naturally, something that precious to him would make the trip to college with him.

2. A quick throwaway gag that explains why Monsters, Inc. villain Randall Boggs always looks like this:

Hint: He isn’t trying to look mean, and it isn’t actually a glower.

3. An inspirational poster reading “The Winds Of Change: Can You Hear Them?” above Randall’s dorm-room bed. In Monsters, Inc., he asks Sulley “Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change!” when implying he’s about to top Sulley’s performance at the company.image Apparently he got the line from a Successories-like company.

4. The Abominable Snowman from Monsters, Inc., working in the mail room before his banishment at some point between movies.

5. A callback to Roz from Monsters, Inc. She even repeats her signature line: “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Allllways watching.”


6. The Right Stuff moment where the previous generation of scarers hit the Monsters, Inc. floor in slow motion. Apparently it’s a tradition for each new batch of scarers, since they did the same thing in Inc., with Randall and Sulley as part of the group.

7. Mike’s “Scary feet! Scary feet!” training regimen from Monsters, Inc. hasn’t changed since college.

Bonus Monsters University thing to watch for, unrelated to Monsters, Inc.: The post-credits gag paying off an earlier setup that might not have read like a setup. Stay through the credits to get the whole story. —Tasha Robinson

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