Real Loch Ness Monster YouTube [Monsters]

Real Loch Ness Monster YouTube

One man who has spent the last 24 years searching for Nessie — a mythological mystery for decades — believes the monster is actually a large Wels catfish.

Steve Feltham, who left life as he knew it to move to Loch Ness and try to solve the mystery, is determined to not let legend simply remain legend. "This is an explainable phenomena, " Feltham told Sky News. "There is something to be explained in Loch Ness."


This famous photo of Nessie released in 1934 was later revealed to be a hoax. Ever since interest in the monster skyrocketed in the 1930's, the world has turned its eyes to this serene landscape, hoping for something to surface and reveal the truth behind the legend.

But fantasy fanatics need not be disappointed. Feltham says that the theory that Nessie is a catfish is still just a hunch.

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Is the loch ness monster real?

Everyone has there own ideas if the Loch Ness Monster exists, many people have said that they have seen it, but there is no proof.

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