Monsters Loch Ness Bigfoot [Monsters]

Monsters Loch Ness Bigfoot

Even small children know that monsters are something you run away from. Yet, there are adventurous grownups who rush toward them — and they’re willing to travel the world to do so.

A great way to spice up an international adventure is to go hunting for a mythical creature. You can roam the area where the creature is said to live. You can bring every camera you own in hopes of catching the kind of vague, grainy pic or video guaranteed to end up on a monster-hunting adventure show. And hearing the tall tales (some taller than others) about the creatures and their legendary exploits is a great way to get a taste of local color.

Sure, you’ve probably heard of the giants of the “mythical creature” genre, such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. But the world is full of creepy creatures of the wild just waiting to be discovered by travelers. Here are some of them:

1.&nbspBigfoot (a.k.a Sasquatch), the Pacific Northwest

America’s most famous mythical creature, Bigfoot seems to pop up all over the place. Still, he (allegedly) prefers to roam around the many woodsy areas of the Pacific Northwest and woodsmen trip over themselves trying to get a glimpse and an image of this legendary creature.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization hosts four-day Sasquatch hunting expeditions all year around the country. The hunt for Bigfoot has inspired numerous tales and even a TV show or two. But in terms of the sheer poetry of the legend, it pales in comparison to but one mythical creature…

2.&nbspLoch Ness Monster, Scotland

Yes, Loch Ness Monster sightings have been done to death. But this really is the Michael Jordan of mythical creatures; the discussion begins and ends with “Nessie, ” and a Loch Ness quest in Scotland is a must for any global monster hunter.

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Bigfoot...he's always wearing a wristwatch though everytime he's captured on camera.
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